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A One-Day Event.
A Lifelong Message.

Fiorucci has offered a wide selection of handcrafted Italian meats using the same authentic techniques for more than 170 years.

That’s why we took to Long Beach, California to give people a chance to slow down and live life the Italian way, savoring every minute of our time-honored recipes and some much-needed quality time with each other.

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Couples who hadn’t had a date night in weeks. Families who hadn’t sat around the dinner table together in months. Friends who hadn’t seen each other in years.

Everyone who came to the event had something in common: they needed a chance to savor every minute of some long overdue quality time together. And we used our Fiorucci recipes to do exactly that.


An Italian Experience
Like No Other.

From gondolas and their gondoliers to stunning floral displays and gorgeous Fiorucci charcuterie spreads filled with Prosciutto and Genoa Salami, every inch of our event space was transformed overnight into an awe-inspiring Italian garden.


A Charcuterie Dream.

We knew right away that we had to work with Graze Los Angeles, who took the experience to the next level with a custom-built charcuterie cone wall using Fiorucci Hard Salami Paninos and Pepperoni Paninos. Needless to say, the cones didn’t last long.


A Poetic Pairing.

We partnered with @ArsPoetica to offer live custom-written poetry, which attendees could then send to a loved one who couldn’t make it to the event via a message in a bottle.


An Extra Splash of Fun.

Delicious signature cocktails were served from the window of an Airstream bar, courtesy of our friends at @lastcallbarcatering. The Limoncello was a fan favorite, for obvious (Italian) reasons.


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